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People watch a preview of the documentary in Beijing on Jan 3, 2018. [Photo/]

China"s first large emergency medical services documentary Speed of Life: Emergency 120 will be broadcast on Dragon TV, reported The preview was held Wednesday in Beijing. 

The whole documentary consists of 12 episodes, revealing the actual process of 120 emergency personnel rescuing patients from receiving orders to racing against time. It shows how they deal with various emergencies with a 100 percent documentary filming style.

According to the general director, Li Jing, it took them six months to do casting and eventually they picked up nine major actors among over 1,000 employees at the Shanghai 120 Emergency Center. The camera crews adopted the tracking shooting method using multiple sets in more than 100 days, covering 120 dispatch centers, emergency compartments and hospital emergency departments in over 70 hospitals and 43 different 120 branch sites in Shanghai.

"I hope this documentary related to life and death can be the one that fills the gap in China, and makes the public feel the world"s warmth and love through our professional production," said Lin Zhiqiang, executive deputy director of the SMG internet program center.

Speed of Life: Emergency 120 is expected to be broadcast simultaneously on the internet and TV in the first half of 2018.

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