Milwaukee"s Summerfest 2010 To Feature Top Music Acts Of Today And Yesterday One part grimy dive bar and one part hip live music venue, Off Broadway walks a thin line. The St. Louis venue isn"t so ghetto and grungy that it scares off well known out-of-town groups, and it"s not so pristine and sterile that it seems awkward to watch a local garage band play there on a Wednesday. For those who live in or near St. Louis and have developed a taste for punk, indie rock and Stag, Off Broadway may be the best music venue around.

The Black Weirdo Tour began in Austin, Texas where the group performed for the city"s annual, South By South West festival wristbands. Next on the list was a trip to California where the duo performed two shows. Now they"re here in Toronto for a 3 day performance set. AB: Oh wow, that"s really hard. I think it would have to be "family." I was an only child that"s the closest thing I have to that bond. I would imagine that"s what it sport wristbands feels like. The group"s eponymous, four-track EP also features Enzo Penizzotto (bass) and Thommy Price (drums) - the dynamic rhythm section for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. My first sales were at TAMUCC at a small open art festival event wristbands. Very low-key but sold all my little ink drawings and cards I created for 5 bucks a pop I was stoked... being a poor college woman. Word of mouth is effective and I have enhanced this with having professional business cards to help with referrals. There you go. As long as you know the kind of party you are going to, you would have a better idea about the outfit you are going to wear. Just remember, whatever you choose, be sure to have fun. What you do before and after the date destination can make or break the date, so mentally walk through the date ahead of time to be sure you have covered how you will get there - who will drive home or will you cab it? Being spontaneous is really fun too - so if you know your partner well enough you could even pack a surprise bag for them and stay overnight somewhere after the date. For further information please visit us online. You can also read our other party fashion article for further help. Remember, we want you to look great and feel great about yourself.
Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, center, attends Commercial Radio"s program "Saturday Forum", Nov 23, 2019. [PHOTO / INFORMATION SERVICES DEPARTMENT, HKSAR]

HONG KONG – The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Saturday appealed to the public to cooperate in holding Sunday"s District Council elections in an orderly, peaceful and fair manner.

"It"s a very important election because it"s the first time that every single seat is contested. It"s a real democratic exercise," Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung said at a media session after attending a radio program Saturday morning, urging people to "protect the election".

"I really want people to treasure it, to value it, exercise their right to vote, very importantly, exercise their civic right to vote."

On presence of police during the election, Cheung said: "For every polling station, we must ensure that there is enough police present to deter any interference and also to really maintain law and order, to maintain safety of the polling staff as well as the electors and the candidates."

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